Visiting the best places in Dubai

It is quite difficult to find your way around Dubai, so it is important to buy a map of the city which you can buy at the airport, but you can also ask for help from a tour guide.

The most famous city is Downtown

Downtown is very famous because it is where you can find the Burj Khalifa. The latter is a magical place, with a beautiful expanse of water that covers a good perimeter of surface, water fountain shows, and skyscrapers with its extraordinary architecture. It so happens that at the foot of Burj Khalifa, you have the Dubai mall, a kind of shopping mall that you must visit. And that you will find the gold wealth of Dubai. The visit of the underwater aquarium will be done in the mall. You will have to do this visit during the day and at night.

Visit the marina and the JBR

This city is located south of Downtown, which you can tour the marina by bike or on foot. You also have malls with this time restaurants that make you discover the richness of Dubai. Continuing this route, you will go to the Blue Waters. This last one is a great playground with the big wheel which makes its fame and endless shows. JBR is right in front of the Blue Waters, it's a huge beach with DJ clubs, which you can visit by crossing the water, but it happens that a few steps further, you have a long bridge that you can cross on foot.

Deira or Old Dubai

The access in this city is in the Metro, where you can visit the museums and the place is very interesting. But it is also the place of the souks where you can buy your souvenirs. Of course, you have spice souk and gold souk.

Now that you have done the tour of Dubai, you can indulge in its culinary art.

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